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Dimmers Dos Vientos, California 91320

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Dimmers Dos Vientos

Dimmers Dos Vientos, California 91320

Dos Vientos Electrician

Lighting is one of the most important features for your home.

Dimmers make the room comfortable allowing the right amount of light as opposed to a standard switch usually having too much light.
The best way to control a light level in your home, is with a dimmer switch.

Dimmers should only be installed by
a licensed electrical contractor.


Priority Electric is the licensed professional electrical contractor
in Dos Vientos. There are many types of dimmers. Mixing a dimmer with the wrong type of light can have serious consequences... usually anywhere from 90 days to 3 years later. Many are unaware of this, and make this mistake quite often.

Priority Electric can add dimmers, motion sensors, and timer switches to conserve energy in your home.

Fluorescent lighting should not be used with dimmers.

Upgrade your exterior lighting with dimmers.

Exterior Lighting

Have Priority Electric replace your old on-off switch with a dimmer switch. Dimmer switches will allow you to control the lighting in any room.

You can change the"mood" or "scene" of any room by adding dimmer switches. Whether you choose to upgrade from a switch, rotary or dial, to a sliding or high end dimmer, using dimmers enhance the beauty of a home.
Dimmers are great for the entire house. Turn the lights up when the kids are doing their homework. Dim the lights down when you are having a romantic dinner for two, or watching a movie with family and friends.

Dimmers are one of the most popular upgrade choices for the home.
Dimmers save electricity, are stylish, and add value to your home.

Landscape Lighting





Scene Lighting 6 button Controller Home Automation

Scene Lighting can enhance your environment inside and outside by adding ambiance.

You can have many different lighting scenes in your home with Home Automation. You can also create outdoor lighting scenes.

Be sure to use a licensed electrician to install your scene lighting and home automation. You can use scene lighting to time your lights with different times of the day with varied light levels.
Scene lighting will allow you to leave a room and have the lights gradually fade down as you leave, so you are never
in the dark.
Scene lighting can be timed to go on just before dawn if you are an early riser, and at dusk.

Landscape lighting can be automated by the use of scene lighting.

Whatever you choose to do with your lighting, dimming, scene lighting, or home automation, Priority Electric can help.

Outdoor Lighting



Scene Lighting 8 button Controller Home Automation

Priority Electric
takes a great deal of pride in their work that they perform for you

and want to exceed your expectations.

Priority Electric guarantees their work for one year!

Priority Electric Operating Hours:

Monday - Friday 7:30 am - 5:00 pm

After Hours E-Mail

Let Priority Electric Light up your Dos Vientos Home.

Priority Electric Dos Vientos California 91320
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PRIORITY  ELECTRIC California License #939273
805 409 7060
Dimmers Dos Vientos Electrician
Dimmers Dos Vientos Electrician
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